Burlesque Vs. Exotic Dancing

There’s a myriad of connections in the fascinating world of Erotic Dance.  Naturally, Burlesque and Exotic Dancing are compared to each other quite often but alas they’re vastly different. We’ve embraced the modern equivalent of burlesque and elevated it beyond your wildest expectations. Creating a new culture of sorts engaging women to connect to self-expression, creative freedom, and collaboration in the art of erotic dance.

Exotic Dancing Is The Ultimate Art Form We’ve Curated For Your Bachelor Party

Exotic Dancing is the ultimate art form we’ve curated for your Bachelor Party. At Kitty Cat Now your party’s intensity directly contributes to the performance of your show. Our Stunning Kitty Cat’s™ Strippers are fueled by the receptivity of your crowd the more enthusiasm you bolster the longer they’re likely to stay! Whether you choose a Single Fantasy Show or a 2 Girl Lesbian Show the energy will be at an all-time high!

Finding The Beauty In Erotic Dancing

Does Beauty reside in the person looking at a beautiful object or in the object itself? Kitty Cat Now allows you to objectify, touch and caress! Allowing your imagination to run rampant with the wildest show you could envision exemplifying your desires in an IRL setting. We invite you to experience the fine art of Exotic Dancing with Kitty Cat Now! Give us a call or book online today to turn your next party into a work of art!

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