Treat Yourself to a Holiday Strip Show with Kitty Cat Now

The holiday season is right around the corner in St Louis. For many people, that means time spent with family, shopping for gifts, and making endless rounds at holiday parties. While all those things have their place, you also need some “you” time. Why not treat yourself? A holiday strip show with the incredible Kitty Cat Now ladies is just the thing.

Holiday Strip Show Ideas to Get Your Motor Running

Not sure what a holiday strip show might entail? The only limit is your imagination, but we’ll give you a few tips to get you started in the right direction.

  1. Naughty Mrs. Claus – Why not get into the spirit of the season with a strip show by Mrs. Claus herself? After all, with the big guy out of town for a full 24 hours, she has needs that need to be satisfied, too.
  2. Hot Elves – With Christmas coming up fast, Santa’s elves have been working their hot little behinds off and they need a chance to blow off some steam. They love to dance and have a good time and would love to include you in their festivities.
  3. Giving Adult Gifts – Not worried about the themed strip shows? Why not give yourself a decidedly adult gift: an exotic show with gorgeous girls giving whipped cream shots and body shots? Depending on the show you book, there might be spanking, tool play, and a lot more to get excited about.
  4. Holiday Breakfast – If you have a late night with the guys, why not schedule a sultry pick-me-up for the next morning? Kitty Cat Now offers both a Tits and Toast and Boobs and Bacon package. That’s right, you get a hot breakfast AND a hotter show, all before noon.
  5. A Gift for All – You know that the holiday spirit is all about giving to others. So, why not invite your closest friends to the strip show? We’ve got packages sure to delight any of your closest friends, from traditional strip shows to XXX extreme packages!

The holidays are stressful enough. Give yourself the break you deserve and treat yourself to a holiday strip show with Kitty Cat Now. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our packages, check out our stunning strippers, and schedule a little “you” time this season.

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