Where to host your next Bachelor Party

From sandy beaches, and luxury penthouses to your very own backyard – No matter where you picture your bachelor party, Kitty Cat Now St Louis promises to amplify its essence. All you need to do is gather your friends and watch as our incredible strippers light up your chosen venue with their captivating performances, games, and charm.

You think you’ve seen it all? Think again.

If you believe you’ve experienced the pinnacle of parties, we challenge you to think again. The mundane is not in our vocabulary. Share your unique visions and audacious ideas, and watch us sculpt a soiree that’s the very reflection of your desires. An evening with us is not just another event—it’s an explosive tale waiting to be told.

Turning heads is our specialty; leaving them spinning is our pleasure.

Our line-up of sexy strippers is as diverse as they’re dazzling. They don’t just become a part of the party; they elevate it, ensuring every guest, especially the groom-to-be, is captivated. With Kitty Cat Now, it’s a bespoke journey curated with precision and flair.

Where others see a limit, we see an opportunity. Our ethos? Merging elegance with a sprinkle of rogue, ensuring each bachelor party is not just memorable but legendary.

Your quest, gentlemen, is to gift the groom an unparalleled night. Ready to forge an enduring memory? With Kitty Cat Now, your bachelor party transforms from a simple gathering to an epic adventure. Whether you choose that alluring Airbnb, a cozy hotel room, or even the comfort of your own backyard, book with us online or over the phone, and then watch as we work our magic!

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